Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hi everyone :)

Glad that finally this blog can be done for real.. I have planned and prepared for this day for about 4 months and finally we're done here.. I'm quite satisfied with the result, but I think I should repair here and there to make the interface a little better..

Maybe most of you know this blog by following my music blog, Music World but still I want to thank you for supporting me and visiting here.. Feel free to explore this blog and leave your comment.. Have fun sharing with me.. I really wish I can inspire you but I do believe that you also will inspire me to write a better thing.. So, don't hesitate to leave comment here..

That's all that I can say for now..

Once again, thank you so much..



Anonymous said...

Hi Yes,
first of all.. congratulation for the launching of your new blog ^^

I Love reading inspiring words,quotes and articles. it helps me rebuild my courage and faith.

Just keep writing, good writing i mean, be a great writer as you always dreamed.

you've got one loyal reader here. :)

Keep in touch soon.

Yesica said...

thank you, ko :)
yeaa, i will try my best.. i really wish my articles can inspire others and add some positive thinking to them..
thanks for your support

many thanks,

sugieLun said...

you really love black, don't you ? you use it as your background color for both of your blogs.

just out of curiosity, when will you get enough ? hehehe ... ;p

Yesica said...

bohohoho~ not really actually.. my fave color is white but my eyes aren't really good in reading with the light background xP

err, when will i get enough?? it should be never oh.. hahahaha~

Gin said...

i've read your new blog.
the contrast color of black background and white text is too shiny LOL.
it absorbs too much power of eyes .. (i think)

Yesica said...

dear Gin,
thank you for your comment.. I'm still making a new layout here to make a better interface.. glad that you notice me about it..

many thanks,
Jess :)

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