Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Appreciate Yourself

Mary is a pretty girl. She is tall and thin. She always watch her diet to avoid excessive, so she can keep her weight ideal. Two years ago she married a handsome man. After married, she kept eating and gained weight. Now her weight is over. Then she started to feel that her husband doesn't love her as much as he loved her before. She keep complaining and said that her husband doesn't accept her as who she is.

Different with Mary, Nick is a playboy. He cares so much about his appearance. He loves to chase many girls. Someday he met a very pretty girl. He chased her and finally got her heart. They have been in a relationship for more than 5 years. Now, Nick doesn't care so much about his appearance. His face full of blemishes now and his girlfriend tells him to wash his face diligently. But he feels that his girlfriend only loves him because of his appearance and that makes him broken heart.

Meanwhile, Susan is not as pretty as Mary. She is 20 years old and still have not been in a relationship before. Then she started learning make up and dressing nicely. Finally she can make herself looks attractive. Finally in her 22 birthday, she got a boyfriend. After that, she became lazy to make over herself. Then every time they go dating, her boyfriend complained her appearance. Those complains surely made her offended. So, they keep arguing over time.


What's the meaning of those 3 stories? Do you also have experience like that? In those stories, who is to blame?

The problems is not whether their partners accept them as who they are or what they look. It's all about self-respect. Do you respect yourself?

Here's what I mean :

1. To be honest, in this world, who doesn't look at the appearance? I can say honestly to you, for myself, I don't care about how my boyfriend looks like as long as he isn't VERY ugly. See, although only a little but still, appearance is one of the factors to see others.

2. Although many people said "first impression is the most important thing" but I personally thing that "last impression is more important". So, if you really think your first impression is important, try to make your last impression better. When is that last impression? No one knows. So, try to make yourself better everyday.

3. If the situation is reversed, can you accept it too? Yeah, I know, you are saying "Yes, I can" now.. but do you really mean it? Remember, talking is easier. You said you can because you don't experienced it.

4. It's really good if you don't look people by their appearance, but remember, not everyone like you.

What I just said are a supporting points, but actually the main point is :

Please appreciate yourself. If you don't appreciate yourself, how can others appreciate you? If you love to take care of your appearance (watching your diet, wear good looking dress & accessories, wear make up, tidy your hair, etc), do those for yourself, not for others. Doesn't that feeling good to see yourself looking good? Don't do that to impress others, do that because you love yourself. Love yourself more and others will love you.

Hope this article helps. Please leave some comments here to comment on this article, ask question, or tell us your opinion. I'll come with different topic soon :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

[SHARE] What Are You Afraid Of?


Mei ge ren you zi ji de hai pa. That's how you read the Chinese words above. That sentence mean "Every one have their own fear".

Once, I watched a drama. In that drama, there's a 17 years old boy who have a heart disease. He suffered that disease for more than 7 years. In that 7 years, don't know how many times he had to stay at the hospital. Every time he came out of hospital, he went to school, but there's nobody who want to be friend with him. Besides, his parents divorce and no one want to take care of him. Everyday he was always alone. Until one day, he became an actor. Then, everyone want to be close to him. But deep in his heart, he felt that those people didn't really care for him.

When he was 17, his disease got worse. He should undergo a surgery in order to keep his life, but he refused the surgery. He thought his life was no longer meaningful without family and friends around him.

Until one day, he saw a 5 years old boy who suffered chicken pox wandering on the streets. That boy entered a small shop to buy a bread. Thinking that the boy could transmit his disease, the shop's owner drove the boy out of the shop and didn't let him enter the shop again. The little boy didn't cry and wasn't angry, he just came to his daddy and asked if he wasn't good looking enough so that the owner drove him away. His daddy answered that he is the most beautiful boy in the world, because the true beauty doesn't come from physical appearance but comes from the heart. So as long as you have the purest heart, you are the most beautiful person in the world.

Seeing this event, the 17 years old boy finally decided to take the surgery to be able to survive and having a brand new life.


If you don't get what the story is about, then don't worry. I also didn't get it at first. Why he suddenly want to take the surgery just by seeing that event? And more of that, this is only drama and I don't think that can be happen in real life.

But like the sentence above said, everyone have their own fear. That's true and truly happen in real life. Who in this world wasn't afraid of anything? The problem is whether you know your fear yourself? And if you really know, can you overcome it?

Since this is a sharing session, let me share a little thing to you. I personally have so many things that I'm afraid of, but I think my biggest fear is I'm afraid of loneliness. When I was 3 years old, my daddy passed away. Since that, my mommy was busy working and everyday I was just with my big sister. When I was 7 years old, my best friend moved to another city and I haven't met her until now. When I was 10 years old, because of a misunderstanding, my friends avoided me. When I was 12 years old, my sister studied in other city so we rarely meet up. When I was 17, I had my first boyfriend who I loved so much. But then, due to my family's problems, I should study in other city so I can't be in the same university with him. Not long after that, we broke up.

Because I have lost so many important people in my life, I'm really really afraid of loneliness. Sometimes my fear becomes my own obstacles. I become so afraid to step forward. I'm afraid if there's nobody there then what should I do? That imagination usually stops me from walk ahead and makes me stay still in my current place.

But lately (when I watched that drama I mentioned before for the second time), I realize, everyone have their own fear and the problem is not about your fear but how you overcome it. Like the 17 years old boy I told you before. Because he saw that poor little boy, his kindness beat his fear. He finally have a reason to stay alive and be something to others.

Talking is easier, I know that. But these days, I'm thinking of pursuing my dreams and do what I have not had time to do. I maybe want to go to a very far away place without anyone I know beside me. If I'm imagining how I will be without anyone there or will my friends forget me when I come back, I will be afraid, of course. But I want to step forward and overcome this obstacle.

Remember, everything comes from yourself. If you never dare to fight against yourself, you will never learn anything. Even if you fail in the end, at least you have tried your best.

If you still can't face your own fear, you should look for your strength. Make it as your biggest weapon to fight against your fear. If there's a will, there will be a way.

Hope this sharing session can help you a little. Feel free to ask me about anything or tell me your opinion. And I would really love to hear your story. So, feel free to share your story here. I believe many people also want to hear it.

Have a great day :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be What You Are MEANT To Be

When we were kids, the older usually asked "When you grow up, what do you want to be?"

That question is tricky, seems like we should think and decide what we are going to be.. But when we grow up, we should face the reality.. If you have decided what you want to do and you have done that pretty well, then lucky you.. I wish you can keep up your good work..

But most people are not as lucky as that.. Some of those have tried doing what they really want to do but they fail.. Some can't do what they want because of personal matter, like a family condition, economic situation, or any personal problems.. But the worst are those who can't do what they want because the objection by someone else, usually parents..

Then, what should they do?

1. Keep persistent. If you have the chance to do what you really want to do but then you fail once, keep persistent with what you're doing. By having a chance to feel the pain of failing, you have the chance to learn more. Remember, there are no success without any fail.

2. Know when to let go. You also have to know when you should let it go. What I mean is that you should know how much you can endure. If you have done everything you can do but you still fail, then maybe that is not your destiny. You should looking for other option. It's not a big deal, actually, young people often make mistakes. And who in this world never made any mistake? At least you have done your best and trying. It's better to fail after trying than never try at all. By letting go, you'll gain more. If you never let go, you'll gain nothing.

3. Solve your problems. If you can't do what you want because of other problems, then you should solve it first. If the problem is family condition, you should have a good conversation with your family member. For example, if your dad sick and you can't leave home to take care of him, then you should have a good conversation with him. You can try dividing your time to take care of him while doing your job. Or if it's possible, you can do the work at home. But if it's economic situation you face, then you should think about other option. For example, if you want to study abroad, you can try searching for scholarship. Or maybe you can try to find the major you want to study in your hometown. Although perhaps it's not that good but I believe the true quality depends on yourself.

4. Know yourself. I know a lot of people who don't have confident with themselves. They often get afraid with something that will be faced in the future. Hey, come on, who knows the future? But of course we should be prepared well.. Before starting your life adventure, first, you should know yourself. You should know, what are your abilities, skills, and personality. Then make sure yourself that by all you have, you can do it. And don't forget to think positively. That will raise your confident. Remember, the biggest enemy in life is ourselves.

5. Say your opinion. Many parents often object what their child want to do. They often take their child's ideas as day-dreams who will not come true. But who knows, isn't it? That's why you should say your opinion (as long as it makes sense) to your parents. If you didn't say anything, they will not know what you are thinking and they just think as their own opinion. If you have said what you should've said but it's still not working, you can ask help from your other relatives. Tell them your opinion and ask them to tell it to your parents. But of course, you should also listen to your parent's opinion. I believe they think what's best for you so don't ignore it. You can consider it too.

6. Prove that you can. One of the reason why parents like to object their child's ideas is because they don't believe that their child can. So, make your parents know that you really have the ability to do that and not only day-dreaming. If you only talk without proving yourself, your parents will never believe in you. I've read a book before, it's said that parents will always treat their children as a kid, regardless of age.

7. Be what you are meant to be. This is the hardest, because we never know what we are meant to be. But that doesn't mean you can't do this. This thing needs time to come true. What you should do is expressing yourself. Do what you love and follow your passion, do that not only for yourself but also for the people around you. By expressing yourself, life can lead you to your destiny and you can be what you are meant to be.

Finally, hope I can motivate and inspire you. Wish you a good luck in your life. Remember to always smile. You'll never know how magical a smile is. :)


Hi everyone :)

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