About This Site

still never get enough is a personal blog of mine to share my words and my thought to this world. I realize I am nobody, just a small part of this huge world. But I personally think I should be a useful part of this world by the talent & ability that God has given to me. Only by be able to do that, my life can be more meaningful.

Firstly I want to thank God who gave me a talent to write, a heart to share, and an ability to make this blog. Then I also want to thank all my friends who have supported me and told me not to give up on my dreams. Also thank those who have inspired me a lot in my life. Finally, I don't forget to thank you all for supporting me by visiting this blog.

Maybe most of you curious with the title of this blog. Actually it's very hard to name something but in my music blog, Music World, I decided to use nevergetenough as my network's name. That's because I think we as human being, never really get enough by something that we like. I called it 'kid syndrome' since kids always ask for candies or sweets even though you've already given so much for them.

I often said, inspiration may come from everything. That's why I really wish my words can be one of your inspiration sources. Have fun exploring the world of words. :)

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