Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Appreciate Yourself

Mary is a pretty girl. She is tall and thin. She always watch her diet to avoid excessive, so she can keep her weight ideal. Two years ago she married a handsome man. After married, she kept eating and gained weight. Now her weight is over. Then she started to feel that her husband doesn't love her as much as he loved her before. She keep complaining and said that her husband doesn't accept her as who she is.

Different with Mary, Nick is a playboy. He cares so much about his appearance. He loves to chase many girls. Someday he met a very pretty girl. He chased her and finally got her heart. They have been in a relationship for more than 5 years. Now, Nick doesn't care so much about his appearance. His face full of blemishes now and his girlfriend tells him to wash his face diligently. But he feels that his girlfriend only loves him because of his appearance and that makes him broken heart.

Meanwhile, Susan is not as pretty as Mary. She is 20 years old and still have not been in a relationship before. Then she started learning make up and dressing nicely. Finally she can make herself looks attractive. Finally in her 22 birthday, she got a boyfriend. After that, she became lazy to make over herself. Then every time they go dating, her boyfriend complained her appearance. Those complains surely made her offended. So, they keep arguing over time.


What's the meaning of those 3 stories? Do you also have experience like that? In those stories, who is to blame?

The problems is not whether their partners accept them as who they are or what they look. It's all about self-respect. Do you respect yourself?

Here's what I mean :

1. To be honest, in this world, who doesn't look at the appearance? I can say honestly to you, for myself, I don't care about how my boyfriend looks like as long as he isn't VERY ugly. See, although only a little but still, appearance is one of the factors to see others.

2. Although many people said "first impression is the most important thing" but I personally thing that "last impression is more important". So, if you really think your first impression is important, try to make your last impression better. When is that last impression? No one knows. So, try to make yourself better everyday.

3. If the situation is reversed, can you accept it too? Yeah, I know, you are saying "Yes, I can" now.. but do you really mean it? Remember, talking is easier. You said you can because you don't experienced it.

4. It's really good if you don't look people by their appearance, but remember, not everyone like you.

What I just said are a supporting points, but actually the main point is :

Please appreciate yourself. If you don't appreciate yourself, how can others appreciate you? If you love to take care of your appearance (watching your diet, wear good looking dress & accessories, wear make up, tidy your hair, etc), do those for yourself, not for others. Doesn't that feeling good to see yourself looking good? Don't do that to impress others, do that because you love yourself. Love yourself more and others will love you.

Hope this article helps. Please leave some comments here to comment on this article, ask question, or tell us your opinion. I'll come with different topic soon :)


Anonymous said...

wah you do have your point. i've been neglecting myself a lot for quite a long time le. I think it's time to give myself proper treat too ^^
Xie loh green mei, for this post <3

Yesica said...

aww, blue jie is coming here oh ^o^
glad that this post can really inspiring others.. sometimes i dunno if i have written a right thing.. hohoho~

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