Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Love Calls...

Love seems to be the thing which will never have any ending to be talked. That's why you can found more novels and dramas which is love-related than other genres.

Talking about love seems easy, but if you have encountered it, you'll know that it actually is hard.

Few days ago, I watched a movie called You Are The Apple of My Eye. Maybe some of you knew this movie already. This movie talked about a typical school love story. The story is simple but it leaves a very deep meaning for me.

It's about Shen Jia Yi, the most popular yet smart high school girl who was chased by almost every boy in her class. One day, the teacher moves Ko Ching Teng's seat, placing him in front of Jia Yi. They gradually fell in love with each other, but couldn't say it. After graduation, they went to different university, but they keep in contact by phone and meet each other during holiday. Ching Teng always said that he loves her, but never want to hear Jia Yi's answer because he's afraid of being rejected. Jia Yi, in other hand, loves Ching Teng too, but never tell him because he never asked her.

Later, to impress Jia Yi, Ching Teng holds a fight match and invites Jia Yi so that she can see his 'strength'. But Jia Yi thinks he's so childish for taking a risk injuring himself. They quarrel and eventually break up.

After that, they never keep in contact again until an earthquake 2 years after, Ching Teng calls Jia Yi to ask if she is injured. They become friend again after that.

Years later, Jia Yi calls Ching Teng to tell him that she's getting married.

The story ends when Ching Teng comes to Jia Yi's wedding and bless her, feeling happy for her happiness.

I cried so hard watching the wedding scenes. I think it's a pity. How come two persons who love each other can't be together in the end because of small matter.

Before I forget, I'd like to tell you that this movie is based on the actual experience of the director. So, this story is real. That makes me feeling worse.

What I learn from this movie is : "When love calls you, answer it"

You don't know when it will call you, but make sure you face it bravely. Don't hide from it and never do something which will make you regret later.

For men : if you don't say it now, you'll never know when the chance comes to you again.

For women : don't ever feel ashamed to answer love. Love is a beautiful yet wonderful thing, so don't feel ashamed of showing it.

Sometimes, one thing which becomes an obstacle in showing love is self-ego. One afraid of being rejected, while the other one afraid of being embarrassed. But think once again, love is way more valuable than that thing called ego.

Well, although I'm not a love master but I hope you can feel the love and wish you have a wonderful love story :)


Torvick said...

My love story :(

Jess said...

aww, i'm sorry to hear that.. hope you are okay.. and if you don't mind to share your story, i'd be happy to listen.. :)

btw hope it's not too late for you to chase your love.. wish all the best for you :)

Yusuf Ismail said...

I also like this movie so much, it's the best romantic movie I've ever watched..

Salam kenal, Yusuf, Jakarta..

Anonymous said...

great movie..:)

Anonymous said...

This movie is very meaningfull
See it or u will regret

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