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Look at the Success, not the Failure

Actually in my life, there is one person who inspire me so much. She is Michelle Phan, the most subscribed beauty guru on Youtube. She has achieved many things in her life and she is just 25 years old, the same age with my sister. If you don't know who is she, let me tell you a little about Michelle.

Michelle Phan was born in Boston, April 11, 1987. Her parents are Vietnamese and she has a brother and a half-sister. Originally, Michelle's mother wants her to become a doctor but she convinced her mother to allow her to major in illustration since she was inspired by her mom's career as a nail technician. When she was just a student, she worked as a part-time waitress at a sushi restaurant.

In 2006, Michelle join Youtube and has created over 200 videos. As of February 2012, she has garnered over 585 million views and over 1,900,000 subscribers, making her channel the most subscribed beauty channel on YouTube. Her success on YouTube has produced attention from the media and people internationally. She often appeared at many magazines and TV shows, such as Seventeen, St. Petersburg Times, the Sun Sentinel, Forbes, etc.

In 2010, Michelle was hired by a famous beauty brand, Lancome to be the spokesperson of the brand. And in 2012, Michelle launched her own network, FAWN (For All Woman Network) which is a network to inspire every women in this world.

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Michelle's success doesn't come so easily, it comes through hard work and determination. And here are some points which I think are her success' factors :

1. Decide what you want. A wise man named Ben Stain used to say "The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want." Actually this is my favorite quote. That's true to get the things you want in your life, you should decide first, what you really want. If you still don't have any ideas with what you desire, you will never know where to step.

2. Look even the smallest thing around you. This is very small thing but sometimes makes a huge impact and this is what happen with Michelle. She was inspired by her mom's career as a nail technician so she wanted to take a major in illustration. See, that's just a small thing and who would have thought it will result in a great success. I often tell you "Inspiration may come from everything, even the smallest thing" that's why you should never neglect every little things around you.

3. Know how to communicate your ideas. In Michelle's case, in the beginning her mother wanted her to become a doctor. Then she convinced her mother to allow her to take a major in illustration. In this point, I believe she was also going through a hard times convincing her mother. But she did it. That means she used a good way to communicate her ideas to her mother. I can't say which one is called good way, but if you want to communicate your ideas to parents, make sure you said them clearly, with appropriate words and manner.
4. Don't ever feel ashamed with what you do. This factor is really important. Don't ever feel ashamed with what you do. Like Michelle, when she put her first video on Youtube, I bet she also have her own thought. And I think doing something like that is not easy. You should perform in front of many audiences, world wide. But don't let 'ashamed' being your obstacle.
5. Willing to work hard. In Michelle's case, before being famous like now, she worked as a part time waitress at a sushi restaurant. That's also a point; you should have a will to work hard. Make it as your learning and experience to be your stock in the future.

6. Take every opportunities. In order to be success, you should watch clearly what opportunity is there around you. Like what Michelle did. I believe she didn't thought at first that her videos on Youtube can make a huge impact towards her life. That's why don't ever miss even the slightest opportunity, because you will never know what and where life will take you.

7. Look at the success, not the failure. This is a critical factor. People usually look at others who fail and then they become scare to step forward. They afraid of the risks and afraid of becoming like them who failed. They never thought how if they become success after they tried. Remember, don't ever make a failure as an example; make success as a hope.

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